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The city of dreams

october 15, 2017

Shella got off the plane. All her life she wanted to come here, to New York and to take a deep breath from the local air while stepping out of the plane as she has seen it on the movies. She wished she wouldn’t have done! The slightly fat man walking in front of her had... [...]
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A mistake, which nobody heard

september 8, 2017

Juliette sat in the hall. She was surrounded at least by thousand people, excited whispering, rustling of the brochures and creaking noise of the several hundred years old chairs would have meant a pleasant buzz for anyone, but all this never reached her. She was soaking up... [...]
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Preys and hunters

augustus 19, 2017

Preys and hunters Finally the rain stopped. It has been drizzling in the forest for days now. The air was filled with damp and heavy smells, upon every breath the Hunter took, thousands of different aromas were infused in his nose. The slightly rotting smell of the... [...]
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The Queen and the colours

augustus 16, 2017

The storm was raging again for the fourth day. The Queen was walking in the greyness; the ash was whirling in front of her face. She covered her nose and mouth with her veil, but still she felt that the fine grains clogged up her whole body. She was weeping, sniffling and... [...]
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