Data protection

1. Information collection

We collect information about you, when you login to your account, when you make a payment, when you make an entry and/or when you logout from your account. The collected information includes your name, e-mail address, phone number and/or bank account number.

2. Utilisation of the information

Any information collected by us can be used for the followings:

For the personalisation of your user experience, for adapting to your individual needs, for customising the advertising content, for the development of our website, for improving the quality of our user services and customer service and for contacting you via e-mail.

3. E-commerce data protection

We don’t disclose, don’t transfer or hand over your information suitable for personal identification. We are the exclusive owners of the information collected via the website. We don’t disclose your information suitable for personal identification to other companies, under any reasons without your permission, only if this is necessary for us to comply with the delivery of an order/transaction, e.g. delivery of an order.

4. Stipulations referring to a third party

We don’t sell, we don’t trade with and we don’t disclose in any other ways to a third party your data suitable for personal identification. Except for those third parties, who are participating at the editing of our website or in our business management, as long as these parties handle confidentially the information made available to them.

5. Protection of information

We apply wide range of security measures in order to ensure the safety and security of your personal information. We apply an encrypting method, approved by the state in order to protect sensitive information forwarded via online platforms.

6. Unsubscribe

We are using the e-mail address indicated by you for sending you information about your order, updates, occasional corporate news, product information, etc. If you wish to unsubscribe from receiving additional e-mails, please follow the detailed guide indicated at the end of our e-mails.

7. Consent

By using our website you agree to the compliance with our data protection guiding principles.