Introductory provisions.

These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) shall govern all contracts and orders related to the activities of Top Tipo Reklámgrafikai Stúdió (hereinafter referred to as: Service Provider). Customer and Service Provider shall be entitled to deviate from the content of the GTC upon mutual agreement. If there is a controversy between the individual contract established between Service Provider and Customer and the GTC, the stipulations of the individual contract shall be governing.

Matters not regulated by the GTC shall be governed by the effective Hungarian laws and regulations, especially the Civil Code of Hungary and the stipulations of the Copyright act. This GTC shall be effective as of 1st July 2017 until withdrawal and/or modification.

Service Provider:

CompanyTopTipo Reklámgrafikai Stúdió

Address1106 Budapest, Pilisi utca 44.

Representative Judit Horváth

Tax number 28927468-2-42

Company registry numberCg.01-06-710066

Bank account number12011409-01393165-00100005 IBAN HU22 1201 1409 0139 3165 0010 0005

Phone+36 1260-1123


Hosting services provider directWEB Kft.

1. Range of products available.

The webshop distributes the following products:

2.Ordering process.

Products by topic:

After selecting the product the size and raw material of the picture has to be selected. Once you have added the product to your shopping basket you can return to another search or you can choose the payment option. The shopping basket indicates the size and price of the product, furthermore the number of products added to the basket. The content of the shopping basket can be modified and deleted. The service provider webshop is obliged to confirm the receipt of the order of user electronically without delay. If the confirmation fails to arrive to customer 48 hours within the submission of the order, customer shall be exempt from the contractual obligations. Seller accepts the order if buyer has sent all information necessary for the order in an electronic format. The lead-time for the orders shall be four working days. Upon and lead-time differing from the above, customer shall be informed by seller in writing.


3.Right of waiver and cancellation.

Preliminary information about the right of waiver and termination:

Consumer shall not be entitled to the right of waiver and cancellationin all cases, as Section 29 of the Government decree excludes the exercising of this right – in absence of a different agreement of the parties with respect to the given products- in relation to the below services and products:

a, Absence of the right of cancellation in the case of a contract referring to the provision of a service

With respect to the contract referring to the provision of the service, after the delivery of the entire service, if the enterprise started the delivery with the explicit, preliminary approval of consumer, and consumer acknowledged that after the full delivery of the service consumer loses its right of cancellation (Section 29 (1) a, of the Government decree).

b, The absence of the right of waiver or cancellation in the case of such non-prefabricated product, which was manufactured based on the instruction of consumer or upon the explicit request of consumer, or in the case of such product which was clearly tailor-made for consumer (Section 29 (1) c, of the Government decree).

This rule of exemption covers the products related to the personality of the consumer and/or manufactured based on the individual instructions of the consumer (based on the characters, colours, size, raw material, decoration, etc. indicated by consumer) in a unique manner or based on an explicit request. In such cases, upon providing the exercising of the right of waiver the item would become economically valueless, as it could not be sold to other customers as a unique product, which carries a value exclusively for customer, manufactured upon request of customer, in a tailor-made manner.

4.Payment terms and conditions

Handover/receipt of the orders:

The products can be exclusively ordered online, via the software of the webshop and the prices are inclusive of VAT (gross prices). The price contains the packaging fee. The production of the pictures shall take place as per as the prices indicated on the website of the operator, effective on the date of entering into the contract. The counter-value of the product shall be settled via bank transfer in advance. The delivery of the products is free of charge. The products are delivered by a courier service to the indicated delivery address between 8.00 a.m. and 7.00 p.m. The graphical designs cannot be picked up in person at our premises. The invoice is supplied in the product packaging. The parcel has to be inspected upon receipt, in absence of the courier, and if you detect any possible damage, please request the recording of a protocol and avoid the receipt of the product. We do not accept any retrospective claims without a protocol.

5.Data management

Reservation of proprietorship, copyright:

We handle your personal data made available by you during the use of the webshop and we shall not disclose them to third parties. Except for the information necessarily handed over to our sub-contractors, for example information handed over to the courier service required for the delivery of a product. Technical information is recorded during the browsing of the webshop (log file, IP address, date and time, URL, etc.) which cannot be used for personal identification, but serves statistical purposes. An invoice shall be issued about the ordered products and such invoices are stored in the manner and duration stipulated by the governing laws and regulations. Manufacturer reserves the proprietorship of the product until the full payment of the counter-value of the products as per as the order. The content of the website is copyright protected. The information, photos and graphical elements indicated on the website are serving the purposes of the buyers making a contract with the webshop. The multiplication, modification of the indicated content or the infringement of the copyright in any ways shall be prohibited without the approval of the copyright owner.