Enter the world of fantasy! Design pictures for your lounge which will surely take your breath away

Would you like to have a door in your cabinet, which leads not to Narnia, but to a lot more captivating places? We will show you creations, which you don’t have to put in your cabinet to lead you to an alternative universe. Attention, the following pictures are guaranteed to disturb the grey weekdays!

Humanity has been using pictures for thousands of years to decorate its home: mosaics, fruit-pieces, portraits are serving the same purpose, namely to change the atmosphere of a room. Some of them are serving educational purposes (there you go son, these are you ancestors), others are evoking desire (admire the goddess of beauty),or simply they draw attention to a healthy diet;(for example fruit-pieces, which are possibly the equivalents of nowadays lifestyle magazines).

But we should not forget about those pictures with the task of taking our imagination to far-far away places. This can be a landscape painting, which helps to visit forests, fields and the sea, or it can also be a fantasy land, which has never been visited by humans.

We have fallen in love with the second one. This means mad, burning passion for everyone, who gets into this kind of thing, as these pictures are guaranteed to take you away from everyday life!

What kind of design pictures have we got on offer?

The pictures are mainly the creations of Hungarian designers: currently our range of products includes the works of various artists, but the list will be definitely extended. During their selection it was an important criterion to present something shocking, something that is out of ordinary and surprising in order to ensure that nobody passes by these pictures without a reaction! These are not only decorations, which you can put on any wall, in any rooms and they are just simply beautiful without any hidden intention. No, these creations become the central elements of the room and remove greyness around them.

If you look at these pictures, your brain starts working automatically: the “what if” starts and by the time you notice, you find yourself in lands, which never existed. Therefore we recommend them in the lounge, for the replacement of your television, in the bedroom for dreaming before going to sleep or for your office, if you would like to leave your desk for a minute to refresh your mind. There is only place, where we believe that they cannot be placed: and this is the meeting room, where it is extremely important to concentrate 100% on the discussion.

How are these design pictures are made?

As you can see, not only the motives are special, but also the setup of the pictures: the “chopped up” solution makes it more energetic, the shabby look opens up the fourth dimension, namely time. It feels like as if it would have been with you for a long time, despite of its novelty it still feels familiar and radiates a pleasantly cosy atmosphere.

The pictures get from the brain of the artist making the drawing to your brain:

  1. The artist invents and “draws” the original, digital picture.
  2. We print this picture in excellent quality and in a large size.
  3. We chop up the printed posted in regular, 10 cm wide stripes.
  4. We secure the stripes using a special glue on the wooden plates.
  5. The entire picture gets a wooden-wax patina and as a result we create the shabby, vintage look.

Due to the printing quality and the treatment provided the pictures retain their vivid colours for a long time, therefore you can admire them for decades long. The rich in detaildesign and bespoke spectacleensures that it always impresses you and your guests with the power of novelty:)